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Service is our Top Priority

At Mohr CPAs, we are proud of our commitment to service. Providing only the highest level of service to each client according to their specific needs is a core tenant of our firm’s culture and the backbone to our success.

Who We Are

Mohr CPAs LLP was founded in January 2OO1, by James L. Mohr, JD, CPA. Jim established the firm upon leaving the Milwaukee office of KPMG LLP. Jim was instrumental in growing the firm during his tenure. Jim's legacy of providing only the highest level of service to our clients lives on.

Our practice focuses on providing tax planning and compliance services to high-net-worth individuals and related entities. We believe each client has a unique story and unique needs and our most important role is that of someone who listens to ensure we understand how best we can serve each and every client. Our firm fosters relationships with our clients in a manner that best suits each family. From meeting our elderly clients at home to ensuring our availability after hours for working clients, we take our commitment to providing the best service possible to the heart.

Our team members each have come to Mohr CPAs LLP with many years of experience serving a vast array of clients in various industries. Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge and is committed to keeping up to date on the latest tax law changes. We appreciate and encourage our clients to contact us regularly throughout the year with any questions or concerns.

Mohr CPAs LLP is a firm committed to serving families from one generation to the next. Below are the specific areas that we specialize in.


  • Tax Return Compliance Services (including multi-state returns) 
  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Representation before the IRS
  • Family Wealth Planning (including gifting and charitable giving)

Estates and Trusts

  • Trust Planning & Compliance
  • Estate Planning & Compliance
  • Gift Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Charitable Trust Planning & Compliance (includes Private Foundations operating as Trusts)

Small Businesses

  • S Corporation Planning & Compliance
  • Partnership Planning & Compliance
  • C Corporation Planning & Compliance
  • Sole Proprietorship Planning & Compliance
  • Charitable Corporation Planning & Compliance (includes Private Foundations operating as Corporations)